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What is it about Bigg Boss that makes it so addictive?

Bigg Boss is a presentation that you can't miss whether you want it or not. Several Indians look forward to October each year, not for the festive season, but for the most despised show on Indian television: Bigg Boss. The hate factor hardly registers on the show's TRPs, which are normally sky high throughout its run. It's shocking that we can't get enough of the show, but many of us want to watch it because it makes us feel happy to see a few failed and successful actors battling it out during their everyday routines. They even clash for food. Of course, there will be those who will criticize you for watching Bigg Boss. They would tell you that watching Bigg Boss is nothing short of a felony, with snobbishness on their nose-tips. But who cares, right?

For three months, every middle-class Indian watches Bigg Boss, gets their regular dose of entertainment at 10.30 p.m. every night, and then forgets about it. After next season. There is never a dull moment in front of the camera. Per episode provides more and more fun. Salman Khan is currently hosting Season 13 of the show. Check information about Bigg Boss 15.

So, what is Bigg Boss's allure? Is that that it is the most accurate representation of our society?

Our neighbors, like the contestants on Bigg Boss, enjoy peering into the lives of their neighbors. Of course, who doesn't like a good drama? If it's nighttime and there's a fight at our neighbor's, we stop working and switch off the lights in our home. Similarly, inside the Bigg Boss building, a few contestants compete with each other for no apparent cause, while others love their battles.

We have got to hear some popular dialogues in the current season of Bigg Boss. "Bahar jake dekh lenge," "Tu janta hai main kaun hoon," "Muh tod dunga," and so on are phrases we've all heard on the lane, but rarely on national television.

Sidharth Shukla, one of the season's most popular contestants, is like every other spoilt brat, brimming with arrogance and aggression. And if he has done anything wrong, he is still unapologetic, and we have all seen the guy who is really Sidharth-type in his attitude to life.

Mahira Sharma, on the other hand, is obnoxious and abusive, just like that rich, drunken pretend-'socialite' who makes a lot of noise for no reason. She yells at other contestants for no apparent cause during every challenge inside the Bigg Boss tower. We've always had to do with an enraged aunt like her. So Mahira is great with us as well!

Then there's Shehnaz Gill, who is everybody's favorite but irritates everyone with her strange actions. She puts on an act of modesty and behaves like an infant in front of Salman Khan. Of course, we encounter those characters on a regular basis in our daily lives, whether at kindergarten, college, or the workplace.

Arti Singh is the kind of person that can incite someone to war for nothing and will detect problems when none exist. She's the type to find out a dilemma as though it doesn't happen. In the real world, those people do exist!

In our culture, there are also people like Himanshi Khurana who are unaware by what goes on around them. They're about right.

Asim Riaz is that guy who was originally judged based on his speech and appearance, but who won our hearts with his personality. Shefali Bagga once said, without understanding Shehnaz Gill well, that she lacks character. Similarly, culture stereotypes individuals based on their appearance and mannerisms without first having to meet them.

This season of Bigg Boss, though, has gone a bit too far, with contestants’ body-shaming each other and viewers debating their ages. Exactly like family that look down on you if you're 30 and already single, and neighbors who lift their eyes whether you come home late at night, if you're overweight, even whether you're dark-skinned.

Hindustani Bhau is a higher being than you. He makes a lot of sense, but he can be racist at times. "Ladkiyo ko beech mein nahi aana hota hai, jab do ladke baat kar rahe hote hai," he keeps writing. Well, we all come across this breed on a daily basis.

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